"No Rhinestones Here" 

In the Artist's Collection

​Digital Reproductions on Canvas Available

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"It's All in the Lights"

In the Artist's Collection

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"Fantasy in Motion"

​In the Artist's Collection

Digital Reproduction on Canvas Available

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"Song of the River"

"Laura's Theme" - Sold

"Metamorphosis" - Sold

"Mystical Morning"

​"Wind & Fury" - Sold

"Ribbons and Roses" - Sold

​​​Original Oil Paintings​​


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​Georgetown, Texas

"The Cat's Out of the Bag" - Sold

"The Legacy"

"Git Along Little Doggie" - Sold

Digital Reproduction on ​Canvas Available

                          "The Trifecta"

In the Artist's Collection

      Digital Reproductions on Canvas Available